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Secure Gateway Setup


To restrict access to ActiveSync through a proxy. If only the SecurePIM application can access the proxy, then no other applications could access ActiveSync. At this point it is assumed you have limited ActiveSync access by using the powershell cmdlet with exchangeonline.

Server Installation

As of this writing the officially supported OS is Ubuntu 16 LTS. Due to some odd behavior in the application and the slow response from support (because they are based in Germany) I will be using Ubuntu instead of Debian.

apt-get install libpcsclite1
dpkg -i libsera_3.6.0-1_amd64.deb
dpkg -i sera-gateway_0.14.0-1_amd64.deb
  • At this point it will ask for a token. The token is the Setup key in from the SecurePIM Management Portal. It can be found under the "SecurePIM Gateway".
apt-mark auto libsera


I had run into an issue where I could not access an internal server using a self signed certificate. The cert is uploaded to the portal and access to the server was confirmed. I also needed to add the cert ca to the gateway, but I am still having issues with this. Here are some notes from my conversations with tech support.

I really think that it´s just a little thing to get this up running with the browser, so for the Gateway you will find the pem file under:
Please attach your Root CA certificates to the pem file using VIM or something like this and restart the Gateway after it (systemctl restart sera-gateway).
To view the Gateway logs, please execute the following command:
journalctl -xe -u sera-gateway